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      Wieviel Strom kann z.B. Pin 2.4 oder 2.5 treiben? CY8CKIT059, Widerstand und zwei Treiberdioden in Reihe?

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          The question translated:

          How much current can pin 2.4 or 2.5 drive. Using CY8CKIT-059, A resistor and two diods in line?



          The datasheet for the pins component shows exactly what you want. Keep in mind that there are two different situations:

          Maintaining the logic level (Lo and high) maximum for the pin will be 4mA source and 8mA sink.

          When the logic level is not needed a pin can drive up to 20mA, restrictions exist for using more than 1 pin at higher currents.


          The two diods in your case reduce the output voltage and the resistor will control the current. Just calculate using Ohm's law.



          PS: Bist Du in Deutschland? Wo?? Ich lebe Nähe Bremen