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    How to start up programming of BCM20737S

      I am a new of programming BCM20737S, I would like to know about how to step up programming progress.

      1. I would like to know to how to add services and characteristics.

      I start to code based on hello client sdk, and checking work with Light Blue iphone app. There is not service in hello client.

      Could someone tell me that how to add services and characteristics and how where should I write a code for processing. I can't find main function.


      2. I would like to star with turning on and off a external led, and send led situation(on -> 1, off -> 0) to an iphone.

      I think I need to configure gpio. Is it enough that I  add only gpio_getPinInput() or gpio_getPinOutput() as a gpio congiguration?


      I am a beginner of this programming, I will really appreciate your kind support.


      Thank you.r

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          Unfortunately, our development environment is not that friendly to a true beginner as the barrier to entry is fairly high and the required experience with embedded development is around the 5 year mark. In addition, the only guidance we provide is what's offered in the way of source code within the SDK or what guidance other users on the forum will offer.


          However, one of our partners, Anaren makes a development kit which includes their Atmosphere development environment that is an order of magnitude easier to use than our own.


          In addition, if you ever want to move back to the Broadcom SDK, they offer a fairly straight forward path to do so.


          We are hosting a series of customer seminars in North America now and customers cannot believe how easy it is to get simple applications like the one you described up and running within minutes.


          Confusing topics like writing GATT database entries for services and characteristics, along with figuring out how to use our not so user friendly GPIO are abstracted so that you can focus on your application.


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            Thank for replying.

            I will try further more referring SDK or Forum.


            Thank you.