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    PSoC Creator components update (not) available - why?


      I have the latest PSoC Creator 4.2 installed on two computers, e.g. PC1 with Windows 10 and PC2 with Windows 7. I have a project, based on CYBLE-222005-00 and I can successfully compile it on the two PCs. PSoC Creator does offers me to update some project components (e.g. cy_boot from v5.70 to v5.80) on PC1 but does not do that on PC2. If I update the project on PC1, I cannot compile it anymore on PC2, unless I roll back the components to their previous versions. The versions of the updated on PC1 components appear as unknown when the project is open on PC2. What is the reason for that? How can I update the components on PC2 to their latest versions?

      I am aware of this post - https://community.cypress.com/message/184685, but it does not help me.