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    CYUSB3KIT-003 LED is not bright


      CYUSB3KIT-003 suite, if J4 jumper is not inserted, .img file can't be loaded in to the suite through the control center and blue LED is not bright. It's still not bright after uninstalling firmware and no matter the J4 jumper is insert or open, the suite can't be recognized as streamerexampler. Is the board useless?J4跳线插上烧录一次程序以后CYUSB3KIT-003套件蓝色LED不亮,并且无法被识别为刚开始安装成功时候的streamerexampler,被识别为bootloader,蓝色LED也一直不再亮,是不是板子没用了?或者这种情况该怎么解决