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    PSoC4100SP:Power supply VDDA ≠ VDDD


      Please answer below.
      The same question is written in English and Japanese.



      ※PSoC 4100S and PSoC 4100S Plus: PSoC 4 Architecture TRM, Document No. 002-10621 Rev. *G 21


      It is described as "VDDD and VDDA should be shorted externally.
      "In the PSoC4100SP, can you not set “VDDA (5.0 V) ≠ VDDD (3.3 V)”?


      "VDDD and VDDA should be shorted externally."と記載されています。
      PSoC4100SPでは、"VDDA(5.0V) ≠ VDDD(3.3V)"といった設定はできないのでしょうか?