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    Questions on CE218472 - PSOC6 comparing external voltages with the LPC


      I am looking at the CE218472 example.  How do I find out what the Internal VREF is?   In the pdf, it gives a 400mv Range.  Vref (0.4V ~ 0.8V.]  Is there a way to select what the internal Vref is?   Is this really the range and and it can trigger anywhere between 0.4 and 0.8V?


      Secondly,  is there a way to do a software reset?  I want to do it in the LPC ISR.   I saw that there is a  Cy_SysLib_SoftResetCM4(), but that is just the CM4 core and it has to be in deep sleep.  I want an external voltage to generate a soft reset for both cores.   Is that possible?



      Mike Roberts