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    PSoC6 WiFi-BT and KitProg3... ups and downs...


      Hi PSoC6 enthusiasts!

      after exciting experimenting with Pioneer kit and generally sucessfull tests of demo & examples

      I decided to make a small "facelift" and change KitProg2 into KP3.

      Thanks to clear instructions, additionally supported with community posts I went to KP3 smoothly.

      To be precise I decided to upgrade KP to the most recent release, using quite handy fw-loader.

      But here I encountered some issues/ surprises...

      The first, most funny is the message from PSoC programmer:

      Port Opened with Warnings KitProg3 version Expecting 1.01.158, but found 1.10.2946.

      and... my bad luck - I had auto-upgrade selected thus my "hard work" with obtaining most current version was lost...


      I realized that v1.01.158 is a bit...lame... Lack of DapLink support, unclear  ... or faulty ... functionality of SW3 (mode selection)

      forced me to the second attempt...

      After disabling auto-upgrade I installed v1.10.2946 again

      I started to enjoy the new tool. Easy availability of three modes: CMSIS-DAP Bulk +  CMSIS-DAP HID + DapLink delights indeed!


      Now I realized, that attempts of upload of selected firmware, using mass - storage (DapLink) fails:


      error: The hex file cannot be decoded. Checksum calculation failure occurred.

      type: transient, user

      As I wrote above: only selected, some .hex were accepted, remaining rejected...

      These binaries came from tested, successful build and were accepted when programing directly from PSoC Creator or WICED

      I'm afraid I need some fine-tuning around DapLink driver etc. but presently no idea what to fix...


      and the last (minor) issue...

      really... why? the kit is quite fresh!


      If you have some thoughts in that matter(s) I will be grateful!


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          Maybe you can try the latest PSoC Programmer 3.28 - https://www.cypress.com/products/psoc-programming-solutions


          As for the programming under DAPLink mode, is your programming tool the PSoC Programmer? How did you generate the hex file, using PSoC Creator?


          You can just ignore the "last issue" you encountered, which is relevant to the flash boot version. It actually doesn't matter at all.

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            Thanks for quick response!

            I belive my programmer is brand new


            I don't understand the question:

            "As for the programming under DAPLink mode, is your programming tool the PSoC Programmer?"

            I hope, idea of programming using DAPLink doesn't require PSoC Programmer...

            But generally speaking, I confirm, I use PSoC Programmer (3.28)

            Regarding binary files -

            as I wrote I managed to program the board using  PSoC Creator "directly"

            /as well as Wiced projects./


            .hex files "generated" using PSoC Creator are fine - I could program PSoC taking these files and using mentioned above PSoC Programmer.

            the "company": PSoC Programmer+ PSoC Creator + my .hex files in my opinion seems to be correct

            I suppose we should focus on PSoC board+DapLink when looking for the solution.

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              I tested the "Drag-and-Drop Programming" feature of DAPLink mode just now, and found that the hex files generated by PSoC Creator are invalid to be used under DAPLink mode.


              You have to use mbed to generate the required hex files. I guess there are some differences between the file formats.


              Just follow the steps shown in the part "Getting Started with Mbed OS" of the following link - PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit | Mbed

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                Thank you for your involvement and instructions.

                But generally I'm confused now:

                ...plenty of tools, serious changes in functionality in new versions...

                Starting with PSoC kit I knew I needed to learn and get acquainted with "PSoC Creator"  as well as "Wiced"

                Nevertheless I see that "Cypress Programmer" is still alive and some instructions/ examples basis on it...

                Now I hear about "ModusToolbox" as the leading tool and successor of all above...

                And additionally It seems the Mbed OS is required… what else?

                I'm directing it to the Cypress Support:

                Could you recommend the best tools/ solution to enslave that matter.

                My learning curve basis mostly on good examples, could you recommend me some good examples for particularly PSoC6 WiFi BT Kit.

                I'm honestly disappointed that many BT examples I wanted to use/ learn/ modify, are dedicated to the BLE kit only!