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    4343w interface with 43907?


      i have CYW943907AEVAL1F  kit.. which have only WiFi.


      but now i need to BT.. i'm use BT of 4343W chip. i interface this 4343W chip with 43907 via UART.


      but now i need to add some change in platform file..


      i need for your help for make platform file.



      jignesh narola

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          Dear Jignesh,


          I hope you do know that 4343w is a combo part having both Wi-Fi and BT functionalities. WRT your question regarding the connection b/w CYW43907 and CYW4343W and the relevant platform file changes, we don't recommend the customer to go down this way. Instead we have modules and platforms available from our module partners who take care of the uart connection b/w 43907 and 20706 (discreet WLAN and BT parts) along with platform level changes required. You can refer to CYW943907WAE4 platform for your use-case and for selecting the module partner please refer to IoT Solutions Guide

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            if i need to just use BT part of 4343W  with 43907.. same as like CYW943907WAE4 or CYW943907WAE3...


            i made platform file successfully for it. and finally it's work