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    PSOC 4 Timing Violation




      my simple DCC decoder project gives a


      "Warning-1367: Hold time violation found in a path from clock ( Clock_1(FFB) ) to clock ( \Bit_Timer:cy_m0s8_tcpwm_1\/tr_compare_match )."


      which I don't understand.


      My project:



      The top DFF samples 80usec after a rising edge the DCC line

      and the DFF below generates the according clock.

      Its clk is fed by the negative cc signal, to be shure,

      that DCC_Data is stable.

      After 100usec, DCC_Clk is brought to LOW.


      Static Timing Analysis in attachment.

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          I would suggest to put a "Sync" component into the cc path to avoid the timing issue.



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            Thank you Bob,


            but this only results in a another warning:


            "Warning-1350: Asynchronous path(s) exist from "Clock_1(FFB)" to "Clock_1". See the timing report for details."


            I must say that despite these warnings, I can see the right signals on pins DCC_Data and DCC_Clk on my logic analyzer.

            I only feel uncomfortable with these warnings, as if they could incur some instabilities.


            I also observe that the warnings also depend on routing to pins:

            if I add output pins to cc and ov to watch on my LA,

            warnings change or some times even vanish.

            I guess that this something to do with different

            routings of signals leading to different

            timing calculations. It even changes when using different pin numbers.



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              Try to set pins sync settings to single-sinc / double-sinc (input / output tabs).