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    CY_U3P_PIB_GPIF_EGRESS_DATA or CyU3PGpifWriteDataWords


      I am using an FX3, still in the superspeed development kit.  It is connected to an ADC and I can stream data from the ADC via the FX3 into a PC using GPIF_example 1 firmware, an all new state machine, and the CollectData PC Utility.  To start the ADC, I did have to send out two 32 bit words to the ADC.  These were coincidentally the same value, so I was able to load the data counter and then output this twice using DR_DATA with the correct timing within the GPIF II designer state machine.


      However, this only allows me to use the ADC in its default mode, I actually need a different mode.


      I now need to send more configuration words to the ADC.  However, there only seems to be this one counter you can directly load in the GPIF II designer.  How can I output other fixed words to configure the ADC before starting the streaming?  I would appreciate a fully explicit answer, I am new to this.  This may be related to the CY_U3P_PIB_GPIF_EGRESS_DATA(thread_number) macro to source data from registers or CyU3PGpifWriteDataWords() for sockets but can someone provide details of how these are used. How do I write data into these sources (presumably in the firmware) and then put them out on the data lines with GPIF II?