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    How to set alias for pin?


      It used to work on one set of pins.  Now it does not work on any of the sets of pins.

      Output pin with no internal HW connection.

      Non-contiguous set of a handful of pins.

      They have an index that generates names, but you are supposed to be able to also define an alias:


      PIN_0    alias PIN_SHINNY


      To quote the data sheet:




      If you provide an alias name in the Pins configuration dialog, then an additional #define is

      created with the form:


      Either of these aliases can be used. For example, "Pin" has an <AliasName> called "MyAlias."

      This generates aliases, Pin_0 and Pin_MyAlias. To read this pin using the per-pin API function,

      you can use either of these methods:





      Great idea.  Now, what does it take to make this work?