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    S25FS512S - OTP Program


      Concerning the OTP Program command, is a page buffer provided for programming same as in the Page Program command?

      In other words can we program more than one region at a time or only one region is allowed to be programmed at a time?


      Based on specification:

      To program the OTP array in bit granularity, the rest of the bits within a data byte can be set to 1. Each region in the OTP memory space can be programmed one or more times, provided that the region is not locked. Attempting to program zeros in a region that is locked will fail with the P_ERR bit in SR1V set to 1. Programming ones, even in a protected area does not cause an error and does not set P_ERR. Subsequent OTP programming can be performed only on the un-programmed bits (that is, 1 data). Programming more than once within an ECC unit will disable ECC on that unit. The protocol of the OTP Program command is the same as the Page Program command.



      However nothing is specified on how many regions can be written at a time