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    Schematic FX3S with EMMC




      1) The design guidelines recomends install on the SD cards and EMMC 22 Ohm resistors (page 27-28). For EMMC install the same on both sides of these resistors? Or they can not install?

      2) Is it possible to supply the power supply unit (VIO3 (as schematic) directly from 1.8V, without switching 3.3->1.8 (page 28)?

      3) It is possible to install a ferrite (MPZ2012S601A) with a size smaller, example 1A for example?


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          1. Can you please re-state the question?


          2. You can operate VIO3 at 1.8V. In general, UHS-1 type of SD cards needs 3.3 V at the starting and 1.8 V during data transfer. Since you are using eMMC, you can connect VIO3 to 1.8 V


          3. Please use recommended Ferrite bead

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