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    PSoC4 baseboard and kig-prog test pin voltage


      Hi, I'm working on a project with CY8CKIT-042-BLE and CYBLE-022001-PROG.


      I did my project many times, but recently the module does not recognise the chip in side the prog.


      I tried to figure the problem but I could not find any good solution for me.


      One thing strange is that the chip's operating voltage is 3.3V, so I connect the system power jumper of the baseboard to 3.3V.


      (I also checked the XRES pin and check it works well.)


      But when I connect the module and measure the voltage output of the module with the test pin, it comes out about 1.67V.


      And the PSoC Creator 4.2 does not recognise the chip.


      So I change the jumper to supply 5V, and the test pin becomes about 2.2V.


      Then PSoC Creator 4.2 recognize the chip, but it failed to program the chip with the Error message like


      100 - FAILED! EraseAll operation failed


      Is there anyone knows what the problem is? And also is the VDD pin value right??



      Thank you.