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    Bluetooth Mesh using modus toolbox or wiced-studio toolbox


      1. Is there any possibility to add new vendor model using modus toolbox or wiced-studio toolbox  for non-cypress device (might be silicon device)

      2. Cypress tools does they support non cypress devices to provision and configure

      3. Is there any automation test tools supported for Bluetooth mesh devices

      4, if suppose am using silicon devices (nodes)  is there any possibility of using cypress tools


      Thanks in Advance

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          Hi prch_270121,


          1. We have a mesh_vendor_server app to implement vendor specific models on Cypress chips only. You cannot use it for non-cypress device.
          2. This is possible as Cypress Mesh stack implementation is based on BT SIG which ensures the interoperability.
          We have helper applications on Windows and Android/iOS to test and debug the functionality of MESH applications like MeshClient, ClientControlMESH and Lighing app on Androis & iOS.
          4. Modus toolbox applications are designed specifically Cypress devices. However, you can use helper applications for non-cypress devices as well.