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    Outside help for a PSoC6 project


      Hello, I am running late for a project and I am wasting too much time getting my head around PSoC firmware development. I am a biomedical scientist and not an electronic engineer and none of my colleagues in other departments have worked with Cypress products (did I make the wrong choice ?). I would need the help of a freelance developper (it's a paid service of course) to help me getting this off the ground. That involves:


      Creation of BLE 4.2/5 service and characteristics for data transmission (e.g. UART service). Minimum payload 20 bytes, maximum time interval 20ms.

      Configuration of GPIO: 10 analog inputs, 1 digital output, 3 pins for programming (SWCLK, SWDIO and RST)

      Configuration of the external WCO clock and internal clocks required for BLE   

      Main loop:       Read all analog inputs every 10ms, store as Int variables

                              Convert 5 values (out of the 10) to UInt_16

                              Send via BLE 2 groups of 5 values every 20ms


      Quite simple but too complex for me, especially the BLE part...


      Thanks a lot !