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    Getting Started with WICED Wi-Fi and the Broadcom SDK

      New to how to program the Broadcom chips to build a custom app for the model of WiFi routers we provide to our customer. Any suggestion or place to visit. I prefer to use C as the choice of programing language. But never programed a WiFi router to build a custom application. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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          Have you downloaded the WICED Wi-Fi SDK found in theWICED Studio Wi-Fi/Combo Docs & Downloads section and taken a look at some of the sample applications we refer to as 'snips'


          In addition to the SDK, you will need one of the WICED 43362 based development boards available from our Distributors


          Another path with a lower barrier to entry for someone new to Wi-Fi development would be to purchase a development kit from one of our partners like Zentri as their kit is really easy to get up and running with examples in no time.

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            Ah man, thanks for the information. And I appreciate your patience. Looking at the SDK, there are several packages. I'm thinking to download "WICED Software Development Kit 3.1.2 along with WICED Software Development Kit:WICED-SDK- [SDK Only-Windows, OS X, Linux] and WICED-SDK-2.4.1 IDE and SDK [Mac OS X package installer]. And the WICED 43362 based development board is used as an AP or client? Your thoughts!

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              WICED Wi-Fi SDK 3.1.2 is the one you want as it's the latest and greatest: WICED Software Development Kit 3.1.2


              Click on the self-extracting installer and it will guide you through setting up the Eclipse based IDE for WICED: WICED-SDK-3.1.2-IDE-Installer.exe


              WICED in general can be configured as an AP or STA (station), but there are limitations to its use as an AP due to memory and CPU size.


              You may want to check out SoftAP mode, which allows a little of both.


              The advantage of SoftAP is the use of a regular cellphone, for example, with a client antenna and data connection as an Access Point to serve other wireless devices which do not have a data connection otherwise (i.e. tethering).

              WICED supports a small number of STA connections, typically 4 or less (default is 5 for the BCM43362)


              This blog will get you started: Using AP(softAP) and STA(client) simultaneously


              Looks like Mouser has the BCM943362WCD4_EVB board in stock: BCM943362WCD4_EVB Broadcom | Mouser



              The WICED™ Development System Quick Start Guide (being updated by hmoore now) will help you connect all these parts together into a working dev system.