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    Section creation failed




      I've been developing a MB96F348RSBPMC using SOFTUNE V7 Workbench V70L03.


      Sicne I need to put some variables in particular memory locations, I've been using pragma directives and trying to define a section in the linker option of my project.


      The linker generates the following instruction: -ra _INRAM02=0x002240/0x007FFF -ro _INROM02=0xF80000/0xFFFFFF -sc APPINFO/Const/BYTE=0xF80000. However, when building the project, the following error is detected: "*** E4302L: Not found section or section group name (APPINFO)".


      I'm not sure why I'm having this behavior since, by using the Softune plugin for Eclipse with the same instruction, everything seems to exit without errors (at least by checking the MAP file).


      Do you have any suggestions on that?



      Gian Marco