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    FX3 can't read data from SPI memory


      I am using SuperSpeed explore kit for debugging SPI port. The SPI port on J7 interfaces a SPI flash memory.  UART at pin 48 and pin 49 is used as debugging port. I tried to read back 256 bytes from flash memory starting at page address 1000 and display values to UART port. Firmware is revised based on example code UsbSpiRegMode. I found that the process is stuck at the reading status register. It is not able command the write enable properly. The RDSR value would be 0x00 all the time. The MISO is always low observed by Oscilloscope.

      To confirm the hardware, firmware image is downloaded to SPI memory when FX3 is configured to USB boot mode. FX3 can boot properly from SPI memory it is configured to boot from SPI. But one thing I can't understand, I was not able to detect any signal on MISO at power on booting from SPI.

      Code is attached.

      Thanks in advance for any help.