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    Hardware Start of Conversion doesn't work


      Hi everyone,


      I'am now stuck since two days with an issue being not able to use the hardware start of conversion of my ADC. I use a CY6C6137BZI chip. The ADC is set to single shot with hardware trigger. In order to get rid of this problem i created this top design :psoc.png

      I look at SOC_TRIGGER and SDONE with my oscilloscope. I clearly see the incoming pulses at SOC_Trigger but no reaction of the ADC. As soon as i add any sofware driven triggers via ADC_1_Start_Convert() i get pulses on SDONE (Same with a free running ADC). When i have no SDONE puleses i get also no new analog values so its not a problem with the SDONE pulse. I alredy tried a lot of different ADC configurations with low and high sample rates and a lot more. Nothing seems to help. The ADC Version is 2.1 and I am using PSoC creator 4.2.

      Can somebody help me here? If I had to guess I'd say this is a bug in the component. At least i have no idea what else i could try.


      Thank You and best regards,