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    BCM20737S Current Consumption Voltage Condition and more...

      How many volt (at VBAT) is the voltage condition of the attached current consumption table for BCM20737S?

      And the sleep current 12uA (nominal)  is correct??


      [20737S-DS100-R.pdf] page 13







      Additionally, the above one [20737S-DS100-R.pdf] and the following document [WICED-Smart-DG100-R.pdf] has huge difference regarding sleep current. Which is correct for BCM20737S?

      OR, WICED-Smart-DG100-R.pdf table 2 is not for BCM20737S?


      I always confused about current consumption because BCM20737 related documents seem fragmented.

      Please correct and keep it updated if the current data sheet (20737S-DS100-R.pdf) is obsoleted otherwise everyone must be confused.


      [WICED-Smart-DG100-R.pdf] page 12