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    CY8CPLC10 application in truck power-supply system


      I am developing a control unit that will be installed on a truck trailer. For the connection of this unit with the unit on the truck, I plan to use the PLC modem.  I plan to use CY8CPLC10. How long do you plan to produce this modem? Were there projects in which this modem would be used in road transport?  Why is the CY3273 evaluation kit out of production?

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          Kindly note that CY8CPLC10 is not available in automotive grades. This product is a mature product, and hence I advise you not to start a new design based on this product. The CY3273 EVK is out of stock, and is not planned to be replenished, since CY8CPLC10 is a mature product. Right now the part is in production, so that customers who have already designed in this product are supported.


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