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    QC3.0 Support with CCG3A


      Hi. Interested in using the CCG3A controller with a Type A connector to offer QC3.0 support up to 20V. Our selection of the DC-DC buck boost regulator is able to support this range of desired voltages.


      Can the CCG3A be used for this application? No charging is required but confused on how the IP can be customized for our I2C configurable buck-boost regulator.


      That is, we can insert our custom code into the supplied firmware to dial up the desired voltages yet remain compliant to the QC3.0 spec?


      Is there a document for this project? Have reviewed the various power bank designs but they are based on the Southchip or another controller so not clear on if this code modification will be supplied by Cypress or can be user modified?


      Also, for our power balancing, can we adjust the power output profile with the CCG3A to suit our power source? That is, can we lower the supported power output on Type A to extend the life of our power source or due to other factors? How is this done? We do plan to have an onboard I2C master controller to supervise such activities.


      Thanks in advance.