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    SRAM address pins


      Hello Cypress Team,


      We are planning to use your SRAM as alternate to our current SRAM in our board product. But our current part has Address 17 (A17) at pin 30 and Address 18 (A18) at pin 1 from which on your device its the other way around, your A17 is at pin1 and your A18 is at pin 30. Would it still be ok to use your part as an alternate to our current part? Can it still be drop-in compatible to our current board design? Kindly advise.



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          Hi Gilbert,


          Yes, you can use the SRAM as drop in replacement if only address pin mismatch is there. with respect to the device you will be writing and reading from the same memory location so you will not see any difference. You can just say that instead of location A data will be stored in location B but since you will perform read and writes to the same location it will not make a difference.