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    Lattice USB3 Video Bridge Firmware




      i came across an artice that Cypress worked together with Lattice, developing an eval board using a Cypress FX3.
      The firmware of the FX3, used in this example, would be a perfect reference to start the projekt i'm working on.

      Since the download link on the website of Lattice seems to be broken, i wanted to ask if you are able to share the firmware?


      Best regards!


      Lattice USB3 Video Bridge: Lattice USB3 Video Bridge Development Kit - Lattice Semiconductor

      Downloadlink (broken?!): http://www.latticesemi.com/view_document?document_id=50810

      Article: https://www.cypress.com/news/lattice-and-cypress-team-simplify-usb-30-video-bridge-designs-new-development-kit