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    USB Audio/CDC UART composite device with Windows 10


      Hello all... please help...


      I have tried every possible way imaginable to get the USBFS descriptor configured properly to enumerate both as a CDC UART and Audio Device.  I have tried all of the previous examples I can find and nothing seems to work in Windows 10.  I am using a PSOC Cy8CKIT-059.  I have been able to successfully get Windows 10 to enumerate and install drivers for both the Audio device and the CDC UART individually with no problems.  When I try and do both simultaneously using IADs everything goes gunnysack.  There have been several examples of HID/CDC and dual CDCs, etc. but I have not found a single project using Audio and CDC.  Can someone please post a working project that enumerates as an Audio Device and CDC UART Device?  I am at a total loss for ideas right now.


      Thanks you very much.