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    CCG3 LED blink but nothing on CC1 or CC2


      I have a design with a CCG3 (CYPD3125) and with the following schematic:


      The only role is to provide power to rechargeable USB devices. I have used the notebook reference firmware with custom configuration. I have tried to connect USB devices but cannot get any power at all. Seems like VBUS is always 0,15V or so.


      I looked at the CC1 and CC2 pins and I can see a DC level of around 3.3V with some slight but very distinct ripple of around 150 mV at around 360 Hz (27.3 ms period).



      So then I checked the SWD_DAT pin (pin 15) to see if the level is toggling (LED control) and it does so it seems like the firmware is actually running. I am not sure how to proceed fault searching this. Any ideas?