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    UART DMA only transmitting a single byte



      I am trying to use DMA to transmit 10 bytes from the UART, but I am only seeing one byte.




      As far as I can see, I am setting the transferCount to 10, so I should see 10 bytes.

      What am I doing wrong?


      Please find attached my project. Any help appreciated.


      const unsigned char packet_num_bytes = 10;
      unsigned char packet_out_buffer[256];
      unsigned char packet_in_buffer[256];

      void Configure_DMA()
           CyDmaTdSetConfiguration( tx_td,                                          // Set up the Transaction Descriptor for 32-bit reads                            
                                    packet_num_bytes,                                // Length of transfer                            
                                    CY_DMA_DISABLE_TD,                                              // Works                            

           CyDmaTdSetAddress(       tx_td,                            
                                    LO16((uint32) packet_out_buffer),                                         
                                    LO16((uint32) UART_TXDATA_PTR));

           CyDmaTdSetConfiguration( rx_td,
                                    packet_num_bytes,                  // DMA both the address and the data packet                            
                                    TD_INC_DST_ADR | DMA_RX__TD_TERMOUT_EN);         

            CyDmaTdSetAddress(      rx_td,                            
                                    LO16((uint32) UART_RXDATA_PTR),                            
                                    LO16((uint32) packet_in_buffer));