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    Serial NOR Flash S25FS128S-S25FS256S-S25FS512S page program - successive page program without erase




      Below is the description of page programming from Cypress S25FS512S specification.


      “9.1.6 Program Flash Array


      Programming data requires two commands: Write Enable (WREN), and Page Program (PP). The Page Program command accepts from 1 byte up to 256 or 512 consecutive bytes of data (page) to be programmed in one operation. Programming means that bits can either be left at 1, or programmed from 1 to 0. Changing bits from 0 to 1 requires an erase operation.”


      I have couple of basic questions:

      1. Is the constraint of only programming 1 to 0 a technology specific or is it common among all SPI NOR or Serial Flash devices in general?

      2. Can two successive program operations to same page be issued without an in between erase operation?