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    Download failed with script generated by VERBOSE=1




      First of all, I am using like as for test environments.

      - EVK : CYW920721EVK-01

      - SDK : WICED SDK 6.2.1

      - Application : snip.gpio


      I'd like to download application in command line(not IDE tools). So, I generated script by using VERBOSE=1 option in make target.

      However, when I download "snip.gpio" application with script generated by VERBOSE=1 option, download is always failed.. Please refer to attached image for error information.

      As you can see,  "ChipLoad.exe" and "snip.gpio" application, minidriver, btp file are copied into same folder as batch file(a.bat). However, "DownloadMinidriver" is always failed when I try to download with generated script.

      Surely, download is working well with IDE tools. Could you check it?