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    BLE stack error


      While starting BLE I am getting API error as 0x160015. I am unable to start BLE stack. What this error code means?

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          Hi Kavita,


            The BLE API error codes are mentioned in cy_ble_stack.h file as a part of enum cy_en_ble_api_result_t.  To find out exact error code corresponding to 0x160015, you need to do some maths and get the exact value as the enum values are not continuous.


          The other option is , since I assume that the mentioned error code is the return value of API Cy_BLE_Start() API and basically this API returns four values as mentioned in API declaration. You can check these values using 'if- else' or 'case' statements.


          Also, you can refer our code examples for BLE implementation from below link  ( CE212736)






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