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    blecm_startAdv() not work correctly when advInterval<160

      When I using mybeacon example(in SDK 2.2.1), I got the same issue when I adjust blecm_startAdv()

      blecm_startAdv() - advInterval <= 128 not working?


      Register the callback function to print some message and check how many times advertisement_packet_transmission() been called before each adv.

      bleprofile_notifyAdvPacketTransmissions(&advertisement_packet_transmission, 200);


          // Start advertisements


              HCIULP_ADV_NONCONNECTABLE_EVENT,                // non-connectable undirected advertisement

              160,                                            // adv interval 100 msec

              HCIULP_ADV_CHANNEL_MAP_MASK,                    // all channels

              HCIULP_PUBLIC_ADDRESS,                          // int advAdrType,

              HCIULP_ADV_FILTER_POLICY_WHITE_LIST_NOT_USED,  // int advFilterPolicy,

              HCIULP_PUBLIC_ADDRESS,                          // int initiatorAdrType,

              NULL);                                          // UINT8* initiatorAdr


      When advInterval=160, it works fine, advertisement_packet_transmission() called 10 times in one second,

      but if the value lower than 160, advertisement_packet_transmission() been called only 1 time in one second.


      in  ~/include/blecm.h

      advInterval The advertisement interval in BT slots (min 32, max 16384).