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    USB Uart fails after PC reboot




      I have a problem with the USB Uart. It works fine until you reboot the PC. When the PC starts up again, the PC cannot write to the PSOC, while the PSOC can write to the PC.


      When the error happens you can just disconnect the USB cable and connect it again and it works, but this is not an acceptable solution. It is the same on any computer as far as I have seen.


      To reproduce the problem, run the attached project. It is an echo terminal (similar to the CE95396 code example), so test with for example Tera Term. You should see all characters echoed on the screen, then reboot the PC while the USB cable is still connected. Now open Tera Term and connect to the USB UART. You will see it does not work. Disconnect and connect the USB cable and it works again.


      Can anyone help?