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    How to be ready for bring-up and memory customization on 20721-B1_Bluetooth WICED SDK.


      Hello Support Team


      We are prepairing for bring-up CY20271 and installed WICED-Studio-6.3.

      Because i'm not familar with new platform environment, i have no idea where i should modify such as memory map and i2c register setting.

      So please guide to me which of source i shoud review and customize in WICED-Studio-6.3.


      Here are my questions that i am wondering.


      1. How to bring up for board such as memory map customization.

          Is it possible to test on EV board?


      2. I should release FW image to all members. Let me know FW image location.

          On WICED SDK, i can flash just application.

          Let me know to flash binary including FW and Application,


      3. Let me know how to set-up I2C Pin expender driver.