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    Cannot Program CCG3A on CY4532 Kit


      Up until today, I've been able to program firmware onto my CCG3A through CC line as well as the Miniprog3. All of a sudden, I am getting the following error:


      Program Finished at 11:39:04 AM                                |

                                                                      | FAILED! Timeout of SROM polling. Lost communication with chip.

                                                                      | Please, check the following items:

                                                                      |  - the connection between the programmer and the PSoC;

                                                                      |  - the correct programming protocol is selected;

                                                                      |  - the correct connector option is selected.


      I've checked all the settings but have not had any luck. I also tried the suggestion in the FAQ regarding reprogramming the CC bootloader but with the same results. Has anyone else had this problem? Did I somehow brick my main board?