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    I want to buy  CY8CKIT-062-BLE but have shipping problem


      I have 062 - WIFI - BT  but this is not work BLE option in PSOC creator. so I have to buy   062-BLE


      but when I ordered it there is message :


      "     Dear customer,


      Please be informed that your order has been backordered and may take nearly 13 weeks to ship.


      Please confirm if you can wait for the LT.      "



      is this message is mean that 062-BLE will come at my home about near august? I'm in south korea but this is too long for shipping


      is there another option to get earlier PSOC6 chip which is working proper BLE option?


      and also, I have CYW920719Q40EVB-01. is this device can work on PSOC creator and have tutorial support like :

      PSoC 6 101: Lesson 2-1b Implementing UART into BLE Controlled Robotic Arm Project - YouTube