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    The BLE initiation hung





      We use PSoC 4.2 BLE 256KB Module of CY8CKIT-143A as daughter board to build our hardware prototype. The hardware prototype is

      functional. And then we replace the PSoC 4.2 BLE 256KB Module daughter board by using CY4248LQI_BL583 chip( the chip used for

      the daughter board) to make the merged board and referring your PSoC 4.2 BLE 256KB Module schematics and BOM, the rest of feature are

      the same. We have the issue to initialize the BLE hardware.



      The CY4248LQI_BL583 chip programming and most the rest of feature on the merged board are functional. When the program is running the

      BLE initialization, the system is hung. We use the SWD tools to capture the stack when the system hung and attached the screen captured

      image from the Cypress Creator tools.



      Since the same program is work with the hardware prototype, the issue is happened on the merged board, this is mostly possible related

      to the hardware. I'd like to get the hint for the possible reasons to cause such issue and the way to fix this issue.





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          Please attach the schematic of your present application. I will check the hardware first.


          Also please attach a demo project that reproduces your issue. I will try to reproduce the issue here.




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            Hi, Ganesh,


            Thanks for help.


            If possible, I'd like to turn this issue to the private support case instead of the public discussion community. I intent to create the support case at the beginning. However, your support case system is changed that I could not choose the suitable support chain, that I have to post this question on the public community.


            I'm going to prepare the data you required.





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              Hi, Ganesh,


              Thanks for help. We find the reason to cause this issue. The 24Mhz crystal is not work properly. After we change it, the system works.

              This case could be closed.