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    WDT callback does not get called if I use RTC?


      Hi Everyone,


      I am using the CY8C4248-LQI-BL583 PSOC BLE module. I am using the WDT at every second. I have a LED light on and off every second of the interrupt. However, when I use the RTC, that is in my code call RTC_Start(), the WDT interrupt is never called. However, when I don't use the RTC, the WDT works. If I wan the RTC and the WDT to work. In clock settings for my system I set the RTC_Sel to Timer 0 and the WDT to Timer 1. I have to use two seperate timers to have WDT and RTC to work. I just do not understand why my RTC and WDT cannot run with the same Timer?


      Thank You!