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    MB96F338USA programming question


      Hi all, I have some question about MB96F338USA, I did not find my answers in documentation.


      Is there a way to indicate to a MB96F338USA uC which UART will be used to flash de firmware? Does the uC autodetect it?


      I'm trying with no success flashing 2 new devices (I changed olds uC in 2 boards, cause they were burned). I'm sure my programmer does work correctly, since I can write new boards with no problem. I double checked this pins:


      - VCC          -  5V

      - VSS          -  0V

      - MD0          -  H to L transition when programmer starts, and then stays L

      - MD1          -  H

      - MD2          -  L

      - X0 & X1      -  Crystal 4MHz

      - P08_2_SIN0   -  I can see programming data, the serial programmer is trying to start its work

      - P08_3_SOT0   -  Idle in high level. No response at all

      - P00_1        -  Low level (if I'm not wrong this could be used as flow control)


      Is there any other signal that I'm overlooking?


      One more thing. The original uC were MB96F338USA E1, and new ones are MB96F338USA E2. Could Therre be a compatibility issue due to this difference?


      Thanks in advance!