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    E2806:failed to place fixed function blocks


      I can't understand the meaning of this error and how can I solve it?

      PLM.M0046:E2806:failed to place fixed function blocks. See the report

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          A litle background on the error: PSoC Creator has a router which takes your logically connectivity and maps it to the physical chip, which is good.  That said, since you're defining things logically, you can make a design that won't route.  It isn't detectable until the router runs. Routing is a hard problem, so that is deferred until you build.  (If the router ran every time you made a change, you wouldn't be able to use the tool, it would simply be too slow.)  Your logical design does have some DRCs, but that doesn't mean the design is feasible.  In some cases the physical block simply doesn't connect.  In others you've put too much in the design to have it fit.


          So, it is more likely that you've connected a fixed function block up incorrectly.  Probably a component using the SCB or TCPWM.  Check your pin settings carefully.