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    The cyw920725q60evb-01 board can't to be recovered




      I used the following method:

      1. Press and hold the Recovery button (SW3).

      2. Press and hold the Reset (SW2) button for 1 second.

      3. Release SW2.

      4. Release SW3.

      But the board can't to be recovered, the user application previously running again after released SW3.


      Which one can tell me what caused this?Thank!


      Below is the application program:


      void application_start(void)


          /* Initialize the transport configuration */

          wiced_transport_init( &transport_cfg );



          /* Initialize Transport Buffer Pool */

          transport_pool = wiced_transport_create_buffer_pool ( TRANS_UART_BUFFER_SIZE, TRANS_UART_BUFFER_COUNT );



      #if ((defined WICED_BT_TRACE_ENABLE) || (defined HCI_TRACE_OVER_TRANSPORT))

          /* Set the Debug UART as WICED_ROUTE_DEBUG_NONE to get rid of prints */

          //  wiced_set_debug_uart( WICED_ROUTE_DEBUG_NONE );



          /* Set Debug UART as WICED_ROUTE_DEBUG_TO_PUART to see debug traces on Peripheral UART (PUART) */

          //  wiced_set_debug_uart( WICED_ROUTE_DEBUG_TO_PUART );



          /* Set the Debug UART as WICED_ROUTE_DEBUG_TO_WICED_UART to send debug strings over the WICED debug interface */


          wiced_hal_puart_select_uart_pads( WICED_PUART_RXD, WICED_PUART_TXD, 0, 0);




          WICED_BT_TRACE("APP Start\n");

          /* Initialize Bluetooth Controller and Host Stack */

          wiced_bt_stack_init(hid_audio_management_callback, &wiced_bt_cfg_settings, wiced_bt_cfg_buf_pools);



      //    wiced_rtos_create_thread();