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    Emwin Graphic Libary with Wiced instead of Creator


      I am using the PSoc6 Wifi-BT Pioneer Kit with the TFT Display Shield CY8CKIT-028-TF.


      I have read CE223726 - PSoC6 TFT Display Interface with EmWin Graphics Library.

      Is there a similar document to show how to use EmWin graphics library with Wiced instead of creator?


      thank you in advanceE

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          Unfortunately, there is no such document for WICED Studio, If you want to port the emwin graphics library in wiced, you can do so by copying the library files into wiced and place them 43xxx_Wi-Fi/libraries/graphics.


          In the application makefile, you can compile this library and re-write the main.c with wiced apis (You can refer to 43xxx_Wi-Fi/apps/snip/graphics/hello as a starting point)

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