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    CUSBS236 and Linux RaspberryPI



      I am using CUSBS236 EVK connected to Linux Raspberry PI.

      I can see the correspondent 2 ports correctly appearing as ttyACM0 and ttyACM1.

      I set the baudrate to 460800 bps and I read bytes in rx, data are sent from a device connected on the uart sides of the converters. I cannot receive correct data.

      If I plug same CUSBS236 EVK with same devices to the PC Windows instead of Raspberry PI, then I can see correct bytes arriving.

      Do I need something else on the Raspberry PI side to let it work ? I use the ports from a simple cpp app with the usual usb serial functions open(int fd), cfsetispeed() and read(int fd) , same app works with other converters that appear as ttyUSB ports.


      thank you