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    PSoC 5 can be used like an USB slave ?




      I need to have my PSoC 5 like an SPI Master and USB slave, is it possible ?


      Indeed, I need to collect some information thanks to a SPI connection (I know this connection is possible) and give all his information to my phone.


      It's not just a SPI-USB bridge because the PSoC isn't just here to translate.


      Thanks to everyone, I'm starting with PSoC.

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          PSoC 5 can be a USB device connected to a host device such as a PC.  It cannot be a host itself for other devices.  So yes, in fact the only way a PSoC5 CAN be used is as a USB "Slave" device (I think the nomenclature for USB is Host/Device rather than Master/Slave).


          So, if you had your PSoC 5 configured as a USB HID and connected it to your phone, provided your phone/app being used supports USB HID, it should work without issue, you would probably just need to have the phone in USB Host mode.


          I imagine custom USB devices would probably be a whole other issue in terms of being supported by a presumably Android host.  I suppose one could probably write software to support a custom device.