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    Streaming data to PC



      I'm trying to send raw Image data to my PC, I have the CYUSB3KIT-003. On the board should all be set up. I started to write a C# program, to read the data on my PC. I used the Bulkloop_VCS program as start point and wrote some modification to start communication with the Image sensor. I tried all with a very slow testsetup and could receive data. However as, when i tried it with my sensor my Board keeps resetting. It looks like, that i don't read the data on the USB-Port fast enough and i don't understand where my bottleneck is. The speed test program, which comes with the board says my USB3.0 connection is fast enough.

      To read the data i use the CCyUSBEndPoint::XferData  methoded.


      i attach my c# program.


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