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    Accessing data from a BLE Generic (custom) HID peripheral on Windows



      I have designed a BLE peripheral that implements a composite HID device consisting of:

      • HID keyboard
      • HID mouse
      • HID generic/custom device

      I can pair the device with a Windows10 PC, the keyboard and mouse both function as expected.

      The generic (custom) HID profile is intended to exchange data between the peripheral and a custom application running on the PC.


      Could someone kindly point me in the right direction on how to exchange (receive and transmit) data from a Windows application to a generic/custom HID BLE device?

      I know how to handle the problem on the peripheral side (PSoC 4 BLE), but have no experience on doing so in Windows.


      Where could I find come code examples? The preferred SDK on Windows would be Xamarin.

      But any code example (also for other SDKs) would be very welcome in helping me getting started.


      Thank you for any suggestion!