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    CYW54907 Test mode command


      I am using Cypress CYW54907 eval board. I was looking for WLAN test mode CW output with different channel and tx power setting. I managed to use wl43909B0.exe with bat file to achieve this.

      But I am going to use another processor as host which communicate with CYW54907 eval board using serial communication to enable test mode output. So, I won't able to trigger the wl43909B0.exe from another processor.

      can anyone let me know, if I want to send simple serial command to CYW54907 eval board from computer, without using wl43909B0.exe. How can I do this?

      I need to know the command structure as well as exact commands which are need to be send by serial port to CYW54907 eval board.


      Thank you.

      with regards.

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          The wl commands are translated to IOVAR calls to the driver. The wl43909B0.exe is a wl utility that describes the binary interface to the driver for each iovar. I am afraid there is no direct way of sending the commands without wl utility.

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