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    UART Rx (UART_Get()) not working


      I am using CYBLE-416045-02 as a transparent uart module

      UART RX goes to BLE TX

      BLE RX goes to UART TX


      I have uart Tx working. meaning that UART_Transmit() and printf works but UART_Get() and scanf() does not work.

      when I connect my phone and wrtie to my device I can see data show up on the terminal.

      however when I enable notifications and enter data on my terminal I do not get any data on my phone.


      In hoast_main.c I call UART_Get() and UART_GetNumInRxFifo()

      UART_Get should return a single byte from the UART Rx buffer and UART_GetNumInRxFifo() returns the number of bytes in the UART Rx buffer

      UART_GetNumInRxFifo() always returns 0

      UART_Get() returns 0xFF ( decimal 255)


      how do I get UART_GET working.


      the project I based this off of did not the the UART RX pin inplace in the UART_to_BLE_Peripheral.cydwr pins tab. I added the UART Rx pine to P5[0] but have not been able to get any data from my terminal.


      my device and Terminal are set the the same baud rate 115200



      PSoC creator 4.2

      PDL 3.0.4


      Attached is my project