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    EMIF interface to FPGA


      Greetings All!


      I'm using a PSOC6 BLE development kit, and I want to add several ADCchannels of sigma delta converters.  The PSOC6 doesn't have enough space in its programmable logic to accommodate 4 sigma delta interface (each has a sinc3 filter, a decimator, and runs at a delta sigma sampling rate of 10 to 20MHz).


      In order to account for this, I have the sigma delta converters on board a Lattice Machxo3 development board.  What I want is to make the Machxo3 look like a memory interface to the PSOC, so that I can use the EMIF interface.  In this way, the PSOC would read external memory addresses every so often, which are actually the conversion results of the 4 sigma delta converters.  I'm hoping to get a sampling rate of ~100kHz.


      I don't have much experience with memory types or EMIF - is it easier to make the FPGA look like an asynchronous memory, or a synchronous memory?