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    PSoC 6 BLE Upgradable Stack Bootloader compilation/build error


      Hi everyone, I am trying to get started with the PSoC6 BLE examples and have encountered an error regarding the upgradable stack example:



      • PSoC Creator: 4.2
      • PDL: 3.0.4 (also tested with 3.0.1, which is the library used in the example, same results)
      • Compiler: GCC (standard GCC provided with PSoC Creator)
      • Example code: CE220960 - PSoC 6 MCU BLE Upgradable Stack Bootloader (code unchanged, see any change to config below)



      • Launcher (app0): compilation with no error
      • Bootloader (app1): does not compile unless the post scrip configuration of the CM0p core is changed from
        "post_build_core1.bat creator ${OutputDir} ${ProjectShortName} GCC" to empty.
        I think the main problem might be in this step.
      • Application (app2): does not compile and returns the following error:
        "./bootload_cm4.ld:243: non constant or forward reference address expression for section .cy_boot_ble_bss"


      I might be missing something very basic but since the code has not been modified in any way from the example I thought it might be worth sharing to understand if this is a an issue anyone else had encountered.


      Thank you!